Use and maintenance of the UAV Aerial platform

This flight course is designed for companies seeking to train their flight staff to achieve professional and safe services suplied using UAV. For a better understanding of the state of the UAV's , FAE School offers theoretical courses coupled with laboratory experiments and practical hours flying drone. This module is for those who want to fly safe, to perform professional work, having  a flight skills certification.

Training courses for drone pilots

Course content:

  • Elements of safety flight and protection during operations
  • Pre-flight planning, flight procedures and emergency procedures.
  • Flight principle, general description of the drone, operating mode, practical demonstration
  • Learning to use Li-po, loading, unloading and storage, experiment
  • Multirotor drone's flight modes: stable, AltHold, Loiter, RTL, Auto, Land, Sports, practical demonstration
  • Setting the flight in Mission Planner
  • Wireless telemetry system on PC 
  • Live Monitoring in Mission Flight Planner
  • Transmitter: Operating, configuration channel PWM signals - PPM, failsafe, antennas, propagation, RSSI, experiment
  • Drone propulsion, efficiency motors, power budget, experiment
  • Drones Wiring diagram, tensions,  controller's interfaces
  • Flight Stability drone by PID control loop

Course duration: 4 days, each day including one  hour  in the laboratory for acquiring theoretical knowledge  and 3 hours of outdoor training fly

Location: Romania, Bucharest, inside I.O.R. 2 near FAE Drones laboratory. The classroom is exclusively for pilot training, being equipped with specific technical equipment, furniture, air conditioning and coffee break area.

Facilities: All the existing technical facilities from the production areas are provided, and the outdoor area for training flight and testing is vrey close.

Classroom: up to 5 people / course

Course price: 3000 Ron (19% VAT is included)

For groups of minimum 3 people, we offer 15% discount.

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Trainings are organized on request and address exclusively to companies that implement services with FAE professional drone

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